QVEST is currently in BETA

QVEST unlocks the organizational experience you need to make great decisions


Organizations use QVEST to

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Execute Strategy

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Drive Innovation

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Build Culture

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The world's first flipped survey

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Unlike traditional surveys, owner doesn’t pre-define the questions and answer options -

In a QVEST participants ask what they want about a topic that matters to them


Network mapping

Unlike traditional surveys, owner doesn’t pre-decide how the questions and answers are distributed -

In a QVEST participants decide who they ask in multiple 1:1 Q&A exchanges

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Impactful outcome

Unlike traditional surveys, owner doesn’t have data privilege -

In a QVEST unique conversational data is structured and shared with participants


QVEST - Step by step


Each participant receives an email with a link to the QVEST site introducing the QVEST topic


At the QVEST site participants 1) ask a question, 2) choose a co-participant to answer their question


Selected participants answer the question and keep the QVEST rolling by repeating step 2


When the QVEST closes the unique conversational data is displayed in an infographic mapping content and network among participants

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